"Artists have used digital media and technologies to explore how humans interact with the environment and create artistic responses to objects, spaces, and living organisms. I believe that Biosphere 2 will provide an ideal space for students’ art engagement and creative activities… [read more]
"Biosphere 2 is unique. Experiments here can be devised and instrumented for remote access, opening the doors to students everywhere. Imagine creating a menu of experiences and experiments bringing this unique environment to classrooms and shared spaces around the world. We only need to… [read more]
“Biosphere 2 reminds us how interconnected and complex the systems on Earth are and the impact that our actions have on our planet, and in turn, on ourselves. In a time when we urgently need to make our communities more equitable, sustainable, and resilient, these lessons could not be more… [read more]
"Biosphere 2 is a world-renowned facility right on our doorstep! It can assist our students and us, in our understanding and knowledge of the built and natural environments in all their hybrid, inter-connected forms. This knowledge, I believe, is paramount in helping our students lead the way… [read more]
“Biosphere 2 is an amazing resource for the University of Arizona. Science accomplished in its biospheres will solve some of the world’s most thorny, complex challenges including feeding people on earth and in space. As an engineer, I value Biosphere 2 because it provides an opportunity to test out… [read more]


Biosphere 2's Faculty Innovative Teaching Fellows Program

Selected UArizona Fellows will receive a stipend and teaching support to include Biosphere 2 in their existing courses or to develop new courses, or connections to other student engagement opportunities. The 2020-2021 Founding Fellows cohort developed the initial application-based competitive program. Applications (Letter of Interest followed by invitation to submit full proposal) available in March 2021 for 'B2 FIT Fellows'.

UArizona faculty from across all colleges representing diverse disciplines, career stages, and diversity of backgrounds and perspectives are encouraged to apply. Proposals should integrate into the science and/or creative humanities aspects of Biosphere 2, including, but not limited to utilizing data-sets and research projects ongoing within the various habitats and research systems; engaging with the human history of confined or controlled ecosystems; being inspired by the aesthetic aspects of the design and implications of B2; and imagining how Biosphere 2 can be a catalyst for a more equitable future for all species and systems.